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Online casinos have certainly become extremely popular around the world and have proven that they aren’t just a fad. People from all over the world have become more passionate about gambling ever since they could do it privately, in their own home, online. Despite being plagued by many negative stereotypes, online casinos continue to expand every year. So, whether or not you choose to believe the negativity attached to online casinos, here are some interesting facts you may not have known. Hopefully, they help dismiss any negative association you may have with the online casino industry.

Interesting Facts About Real Mone Casinos

Percentage of Active Online Gamblers

Active online gamblers make up a growing 11% of the total number of internet users from around the world. This number is expected to grow year on year as online casino players are constantly joining one of the many readily available internet casino sites. According to further studies, the most played online casino game seems to be video poker above all other available gambling games.

Value of the Online Casino Industry

Online gambling as a whole industry is worth $45 billion a year and continues to grow by 11% per year. Here’s where it gets interesting, the land-based casino industry generates around $300 billion a year, that’s six times more than the online gambling industry. However, two things need to be noted, land casinos have been around longer and online casinos don’t accept players from the U.S. That makes for a huge market that’s missed.

Number of Operating Online Casinos

The first online casino site came into existence around 1997. The industry and online casinos, in general, have come a long way since then. Today, more than 2000 official and legal online gambling establishments are registered on the World Wide Web. Be careful though, there are also plenty of sketchy online casino sites that are just scam sites wanting to take your money.

Online Gambling Capital of the World

Statistics show that Cyprus is considered the country that spends the most money on real money casino gaming. This amount sits at 2.5 million Euros on internet gambling alone. This might not sound as shocking as it should at first, but only because you haven’t taken into consideration the size of their population. Cyprus has a small population of more or less 800 thousand inhabitants. This would amount to each inhabitant spending 3125 Euros at an online casino.

World Wide Gambling Age Average

Research shows that the average age of people who are involved in gambling more often are above the age of 30. It’s been tracked and calculated that these players spend at least anything between three to five hours a day on online gambling. The rest of the younger population are more interested in other forms of internet entertainment that do not containing any monetary risk.

Which Sex Gambles Online More

Latest data shows that as vast as the online casino audience is, most of it is dominated by male players. This number is greatly displayed by a huge 84% of online casino players being male players. Although certain factors do play a role in this percentage, active women online gamblers are continuously increasing every year. Statistics show that male players are more inclined to bet with higher stakes, which could account for them spending less time playing online casino games than women.

What is the Most Popular Online Casino Game

While online casinos usually offer every game you can find at a traditional land casino, the most opted for online casino game are still the online slots. The percentage of players who choose to spend their money spinning away at online slots goes as high as 90%. The other 10% still prefer to stay loyal to gambling at a land-based casino. While there are so many online gamblers, only 33% would call themselves professional gamblers.

Which Online Casino Game Brings the Industry the Most Profit

Online slot machines rake in over 70% of the profits in the online gambling industry. This is a number more or less shared with the land-based casino industry, too. This goes for most countries, with the exception of most European countries where table games are more popular.

Biggest Win from an Online Slot Machine

The biggest ever online slot machine win comes from a progressive slot machine game. The lucky player, who was from a town in Finland called Helsinki, had bet the maximum in a game of Mega Fortune, winning just under 18 million Euros. Playing for just half an hour, the player managed to win the biggest ever jackpot from an online slot machine.

You Can Play Free Casino Games

Free casino games do exist at most top online casinos, like Golden Riviera Casino Canada. While there are some casino sites out to steal your money, most are actually safe and reliable. Golden Riviera Online Casino is Canada’s top-ranked online casino for the best online gambling games. To top off your experience, we’ll throw in a stellar welcome bonus to get your set your bankroll up for a major jackpot injection.

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