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To the people living in South East Queensland and Brisbane – brace yourself for the elite casino life and it won’t be anything small. The plans and designs are in, with project owners planning to complete the land based casinos in the next coming years – these casinos are set to put Australia on the world casino map in a major way!

Crown Casino

Currently, Macau holds the title of the “largest gambling area in the world,” however, these three casinos aim to change that. The three casinos will focus and attract Asian visitors and will be erected in a manner that appeals to a wide range of entertainment needs. Let’s examine what each casino will offer.

Queen’s Wharf – Brisbane

  • The resort will open in 2022 featuring five new classic hotels!
  • Visitors can look forward to staying at one of the luxurious 1000 hotel rooms or 2000 apartments.
  • Are you a lover of slots? The casino will have 1, 500 slot machines!
  • The Queens Wharf will have a rather iconic arch shape and water features surrounded by stylish towers.
  • The development cost is estimated to be $3 Billion and is set to create more than 8, 000 jobs.

Barangaroo Casinos

  • Echo Entertainment and Crown Resorts went head to head where they bid for the casino. However, it was the Crown Resorts that won the bid.
  • The Barangaroo Casino will house a VIP casino spread across 6 floors and a luxurious six-star hotel.
  • The casino will feature 66 apartments with stunning views, two high-rise pool terraces, and a 271m skyscraper – this will make it a fierce competitor with casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore.
  • The Barangaroo will also have innovative luxury hotels, world class office space and retail outlets where visitors can enjoy cafes, restaurants and bars.

Gold Coast Casino Resort

  • The resort casino is set to be completed in 2018 and similar to Queen’s Wharf, Gold Coast will be the other Asian drawcard.
  • The resort will be built next to the luxury hotel Palazzo Versace and Sea World.
  • Gold Coast Casino Resort will feature facilities such as state-of-the-art gaming, cultural, leisure and entertainment facilities.
  • Visitors can also look forward to outdoor and residential facilities and a cruise ship terminal which is yet to be approved.
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