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An Australian political group is campaigning for the banning of all sports betting ads. Senator Richard Di Natale, Australian Greens leader, made a statement on Friday 8th of April stating that his party intends on treating the ads in the same manner as cigarette ads.

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“The Greens have a bill to stop the promotion of sports betting, in the same way tobacco advertising was banned in 1992. Nobody is saying people shouldn’t have the freedom to have a punt if they want, but watching a game of footy shouldn’t be like walking into a casino. Sports betting ads still dominate sport with one in six ads aired during the first round on the AFL for sports betting”. He added, “It’s time to take the promotion of gambling out of sport and to stop normalising gambling for our kids,” Di Natale said.

In 2015, Australia’s gambling industry was sitting at record level with people spending AUS$24.1 billion ($17.4 billion in USD). This means that on average, a total of A$1,000 is lost by every person in the country each year. For example, the US tribal casino industries gather roughly $67 billion from gamblers and this is on an annual basis. Currently, the gambling industry is estimated to be a $423 billion market.

Currently, 67% of Aussies took part in this year’s World Series of Poker main event, which was one of the biggest numbers when compared to any country in the world. In the past year alone, this number has increased by six percent. According to a Bloomberg report, in the whole world, Australians are said to be the biggest spenders on gambling.

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