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According to Netflix executive David Wells, Australian customers are getting the most of their Netflix selections compared to customers in the U.S. The comment was made by Wells at the Goldman Sach’s Communacopia Conference in New York, where according to him, Australians are not being robbed, in fact, its’s far from it.

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“I think there’s a general meme that whether it’s a European consumer, an Australian consumer, an Asian consumer gets screwed relative to the US. We want to continue growing the content library both within the US and outside the US,” he said.

The streaming company has expressed its desires to expand their catalogue. However, the content produced is limited by existing rights agreements. For example, in Australia, Foxtel has clinched HBO’s content catalogue and Stan which is another streaming service has signed a deal with Showtime.

According to data collected by, U.S. Netflix customers get 5, 660 movie and TV titles whereas Australians only get 2, 044 titles. These numbers continue to change on a regular basis as the catalogue is updated. So why are Australians complaining? Well, here are 5 reasons why Australians are whining about their Netflix selection:

1. Breaking Bad

One of the most praised and beloved television series and it’s not available to Netflix customers in Australia. To get your Breaking Bad fix, the only other option is the competitor – Stan.

2. Peaky Blinder Season 3

For the past couple of months, Peaky Blinder has been available for Nextflix customers in the U.S. for Australian customers, the conclusion of Tommy Shelby’s life, well will continue to remain a mystery.

3. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

When Johnny Depp was a young dashing young, man and Leonardo DiCaprio was just a charming counterpart – this show has it all. Unfortunately, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is unavailable to Australians.

4. 30 Rock

Calling all Tina Fey fans, Netflix isn’t the place if you’re looking for a good 30 Rock chuckle. The answer – Presto!

5. The West Wing

The real irony of this show is that it’s a mirror reflection of the current political climate with the U.S. Elections where things tend to get ugly, comical, deep and well Netflix still won’t help you in watching all the action. Stan has your back on this one!

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