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It looks like the Aussie’s have a new banknote. The Reserve Bank of Australia has released a new $5 banknote which is set to make its debut from September this year.


The new banknote is a first of many new notes set to be released. Each of the new notes will feature unique species of the country such as the native bird and the Australian wattle. The new note includes the Eastern Spinebill and Prickly Moses wattle.

The $5 note has a design that’s still similar and true to the original banknote. The new note incorporates a distinguishing ‘tactile’ feature which will assist the vision-impaired to differentiate between the various values of banknotes. Other added features is that the new note will incorporate a security feature to help protect against forgery.

“Innovative new security features have been incorporated to help keep Australia’s banknotes secure from counterfeiting into the future. As can be seen in the images, these include a distinctive top-to-bottom window,” RBA Governor Glenn Stevens said.

Although the move is a big step for the country, the new note has received quite a few of mixed responses. One Australian has threatened never to make use of the new note. Others have chosen to see the humourous side of the situation, with some going on Twitter to voice their opinions.

@della79 @BenJohnsto_The vision-impaired are the only people who are gonna like this note…

@j_kaul Wha? Kudos on the tactile feature but that new $5 note is not easy on the eyes…

New Zealand also released its new banknotes. The new notes will feature native wildlife and are more luminously coloured. Unlike the new Australian note, the New Zealand note hasn’t received any ridicule…well for now that is.

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