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Safa Abdulla Al-Gearbury dubbed a ‘gambling addict’ owes The Ritz Club casino £2 million. In February of 2014, Al-Geabury wrote a cheque he traded for roulette chips. Unfortunately, the written cheque ‘bounced’.

Safa Abdulla Al-Geabury

The billionaire gambler who is currently living in Geneva didn’t fight the issue of the cheque. According to Al-Geabury, he had decided not to return to the club’s casino because he has a ‘gambling disorder’. According to his lawyer’s statement, after February 2014, the casino provided Safa with facilities to gamble which means that the casino breached the terms of its gaming licence.

However, after hearing both sides of the argument, Justice Spencer ruled in favour of The Ritz Hotel Casino in accordance to the dishonoured cheque plus interest. Spencer said that Al-Geabury failed to prove that he did in fact have a gambling disorder. The judge also stated that the gambler was the ‘author of his own misfortunes’.

QC for The Ritz Hotel, Clive Freedman requested Justice Spencer to find Al-Geabury in contempt of court for allegedly breaking a freezing injunction by failing to offer information about his assets. Al-Gearbury has been found guilty of contempt of court; Al-Geabury will be jailed for ten months for the crime. However, he could be free in the next six months if he obeys the freezing order quickly.

“He manufactured evidence in relation to his supposed gambling addiction, and advanced numerous statements he knew to be false”, said Justice Spencer.

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