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The casino gaming market has experienced a substantial growth in the UK with financial statistics showing a 5% increase over 2014 and a 13% over the next 5 years. The same could be said about land-based casinos which are also on the rise. The financial statistics were posted by the UK Gambling Commission thus displaying the real value of the market as it has increased by 5% in the last twelve months dating back from September 2014.

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These figures consist of all land-based and online, but exclude lottery. The UKGC report states that the gambling industry in this particular niche is now worth £7.1 billion. Previously, on a yearly basis, the market worth was sitting at £327 million!

In addition, the latest figures also show that the most well-known form of gambling is still traditional, land-based. The land-based numbers are 47% of the total of £7.1 billion. The second position spot is still dominated by sports betting. This particular sector of the gambling industry consists mainly of 19% of the gross gambling figures. Currently, online casino revenues only made up 16% with bingo only making up 9%.

Last on the list are arcade games and social lotteries which only generated 5%. When all categories are broken down, each group only increased in terms of performance in the last twelve months. Online sports’ betting now sits at £1.19 billion of the revenue of the UK. The UKGC figures also included individual casino games played at land-based casinos; for example, American Roulette was the most played game generating a whopping £366.46 million.

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