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All-Female Ocean’s 11 Cast

What do you get when you put Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, Mindy Kaling and Rihanna together in a movie? Well, you get a new all-female Ocean’s 11 without the guys! Yes, it’s possible to pull off one of the best movie franchise of all time without the testosterone, but a group of fierce, fabulous females! [...]

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Top 5 Zombie Movies

Zombies were first recorded in 1819 in Brazil by Robert Southey and have thus changed science fiction forever. Today, when we think or hear the term zombie, a number of things come to mind, horror movies, zombie games which have given game developers tons of inspiration. We’ve seen the rise of zombie-themed games ranging from [...]

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The Australian Netflix Selection

According to Netflix executive David Wells, Australian customers are getting the most of their Netflix selections compared to customers in the U.S. The comment was made by Wells at the Goldman Sach’s Communacopia Conference in New York, where according to him, Australians are not being robbed, in fact, its’s far from it. “I think there’s [...]

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Ben Mendelsohn gets an Emmy

A first-time Emmy and an Australian legend – Mendelsohn deservingly walked away with an Emmy for his role in Bloodline. Winning the title for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series on the Netflix series – this Emmy didn’t come easy. Mendelsohn is paving the way for Australian actors trying to make a name for [...]

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9

For the past couple of days, Game of Throne’s writers and actors have successfully succeeded in building up the hype for episode 9. According to Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, the show will feature the most remarkable battle ever filmed by the HBO drama. “It’s pretty huge. It’s the biggest thing we’ve ever filmed [...]

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The 2016 Logie Awards

He took home the night’s coveted Gold Logie Award – Waleed Aly is fast becoming TV’s next rising star! Dubbed TV’s newest golden boy, winning Australia’s biggest prize, which is worth more than you know, Walled Aly is definitely worth watching on the small screen. A year on the screen and Waleed Aly has won [...]

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Eurovision 2016

Millions tuned in on Sunday, May 6th to see who would walk away with the coveted title of the 2016 Eurovision song contest. An exciting evening held at the Globe Arena, Ukraine won the title as Jamala took home the title of Europe’s Favourite TV show. 26 acts sang and left their hearts on stage [...]

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Australian TV Networks Rejecting Betting Ads

A proposal by the Alliance for Gambling Reform could see Australian television networks a discount on the current license fee for each rejected betting advert; this is according to The Sydney Morning Herald. According to the plan, each network’s Commonwealth broadcasting license will be slashed by a $1 for every $1 not taken from a [...]

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Jurassic Wold – Smashing Box Office Records!

In just 13 days, the action packed dinosaur movie Jurassic World has beaten the Fast & Furious 7 earning a total of $1billion worldwide! Starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, the film accumulated £19m in the UK box office during its first weekend. According the Guinness World Records, from the 10th of June, the [...]

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Is Netflix Checking out Australia’s ISP’s

According to a spokesperson of the well-known video streaming service, Netflix is set to launch its New Zealand and Australia ISP Speed Index on Monday the 11th of May 2015. Already operating in Canada, Brazil and Argentina which are the most common Netflix territories, the ISP, Speed Index rates the operation of ISPs streaming Netflix [...]

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