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Portugal rose victorious as the Euro 2016 Champions! Portugal are the winners of the European Championship as they defeated favourites France, beating the odds which wasn’t easy as their captain and jewel, Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to exit due to an injury suffered during the final match.

Euro Soccer Cup 2016

The winning goal came during extra-time as substitute, Eder, became a national hero thanks to a low shot from a 25 yard goal. This marked the end of a dream for France, as the goal also marked the end of the 2016 Euro final. Over 107 goals, 2.3 million spectators in 10 host cities and 50 matches, the final took us back to where it all began where Romania took on France.

Winning the title wasn’t an easy task for Portugal, having finished third in their group; the pressure was on to prove themselves worthy of the title. Ronaldo’s injury didn’t help matters for Portugal, as the team watched CR7 being forced to leave the game, the stadium applauded him off as Ronaldo lied in the stretcher in tears as the reality quickly hit him.

Extra-Time Saves Portugal

Pepe’s goal changed things for Portugal as the team seamlessly walked into the Championship title ending France’s dreams of walking away with the title. This year’s Euro final was the first-ever goalless final in a European Championship. Ronaldo’s tears soon turned into tears of joy as Portugal won the 2016 Euro Championship!

“I’m very happy, of course; first of all I’d like to thank God for being with us, my wife, my mother, my grandson. My father wherever he is, he’s probably having a few beers. I’d like to give my thanks to Greece. Cristiano is an amazing example. Today he tried to remain on the pitch. He was very strong in the locker room; he helped all of the boys, that’s the definition of teamwork. We have a bright future but right now we need to celebrate,” Portugal’s boss Fernando Santos said.

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