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Millions tuned in on Sunday, May 6th to see who would walk away with the coveted title of the 2016 Eurovision song contest. An exciting evening held at the Globe Arena, Ukraine won the title as Jamala took home the title of Europe’s Favourite TV show. 26 acts sang and left their hearts on stage as they competed for the ultimate prize. With 534 points in the bag, Jamala from Ukraine took the title.


Coming in second place with 511 points was Dami Im with Russia taking third place with 491 points. Thanks to a new voting system, this year made the 2016 Eurovision contest the most thrilling singing contest on TV. With Australia storming into the lead thanks to the jury votes, it was the public’s televoting that changed the game. The public’s votes help Ukraine thanks to a 23 point lead which led to Jamala’s win.

However, it looks like some Australians are not happy with the results. Some feel that Dami Im was robbed of the title. The singer came second place which they feel was the result of a politically-driven performance from Ukraine’s Jamala. Australia is now considering serious action against the final decision. Currently, the UK is contemplating an exit from the European Union after a referendum which will be held on the 23rd of June 2016.

Some might argue that the #AusaExit is long overdue seeing that Australia isn’t really part of Europe, however, what matter is the principle. 2016 marks the second Aussie appearance in the Eurovision where in 2015 the country took the fifth place. An Australian win was expected this year as the country felt strongly about the representative. Well, as they say…”there’s always next year”.

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