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In his debut book “The Perfect Bet: How Science and Math are Taking the luck Out of Gambling”, British mathematician Adam Kucharski states that science and modern technology have benefited from gambling. With a degree in mathematics and a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, Kucharski states that various casino formats and card games have been successfully used by both mathematicians and scientists in cultivating theories which in the past years have had a huge impact on our lives.

Dice Mathematics

According to Kucharski, his book “explains why gambling continues to generate insights into luck and decision-making today. From Galileo to Alan Turing, betting has been scientists’ playground for ideas: dice games in sixteenth-century bars gave birth to the theory of probability and poker to game theory.”

“The line between luck and skill, and between gambling and investing, is rarely as clear as we think,” Kucharski recently stated.

The Risky Gambling Game

Gambling is described as “the activity or practice of playing at a game of chance for money.” Professional players have the notion that, with regards to a number of table games, there’s an essential element of talent involved especially with games like blackjack, poker and including baccarat especially if you’re Phil Ivey. According to Kucharski, the same skillset professional gamblers utilize in their decision-making process has been employed by many of mankind’s most distinguished philosophers and theorists.

According to an interview with The Guardian, Kucharski says gambling and the games it spawned played a role in the development of probability theory, expected value concepts, random events and luck, the concept of utility, chaos theory, the Monte Carlo method and game theory. In his book, Kucharski is of the opinion that the role played by gambling and gambling results played in applied sciences, for gamblers unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a “perfect bet” at a casino.

Whether it’s true or not, Kucharski’s book is becoming quite famous in his native country. “The Perfect Bet” is already available at UK stores and is also available on

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