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Lewis Hamilton revved up his engine as he took the coveted Formula One driver’s World Championship with a dramatic victory at the Austrian Grand Prix!

Lewis Hamilton

After struggling to find his best form during his practice sessions, Hamilton managed to bounce back to take the pole position emerging on race day from the last lap where he unfortunately took a pounding from fellow team mate Nico Roseberg where he seized an unforgettable victory in the Styrian Alps.

The win makes it the 46th title in Hamilton’s career, which in turn ended Rosberg’s dream of winning the title at the Red Bull Ring. Hamilton didn’t have it easy; starting at the 54th position is a hard position for any driver. It was thanks to a combination of luck, Mercedes’s strategy which was in Rosberg’s favour in mid-race Safety Car intervention saw Ferrari’s driver Sebastian Vettel’s right rear tyre explode while he was leading.

Hamilton didn’t make his move until the second half of the race where in the final laps he closed the gap moving within the remarkable distance where he attacked, what followed was something special. At Turn Two, the pair collided, where Roseberg drove wide into Briton’s car, which in turn forced him off the track, here Hamilton managed to re-join the race and ultimately claim victory. Roseberg was unable to retain his lead and hobbled home to finish in fourth place which was a bitter pill to swallow having started the race as the leader. The loss is attributed to the brake issue; he suffered towards the end of the ace.

“What an incredible race. It was so tough. Apart from this (the crowd reaction), I love it here…I don’t know what that’s about. It’s not my problem. It’s their problem. Nico made a mistake into Turn One, so I had an opportunity into Turn Two. I left a lot of room on the inside for him and he locked up and went into me. He had a problem with his brakes,” said Hamilton. Unfortunately, Rosberg isn’t of the same sentiment.

“I am just gutted at not winning. I led the race into the last lap. It was pretty intense…I went a bit deep into the corner, but that’s fine because I’m on the inside – I dictate. I was very surprised that Lewis turned in and caused a collision. We were battling, I was struggling a little bit with my brakes because they got a bit hot, my tyres were degrading so that gave Lewis a chance. Nevertheless, I was confident I could defend and bring it home. I had the inside position, a strong position…Very gutted. It’s unbelievable, this sport sometimes…” said Roseberg.

Rosberg was called to explain his part in causing the collision by the race stewards who immediately launched an investigation. The race stewards also wanted an explanation as to why Roseberg chose to continue in the race when he was aware that his car was badly damaged. “I guess that Nico had a brake problem when he came into that corner. Therefore, he went long. Lewis was pushed to the outside, but why then afterwards, they hit each other? I don’t understand it…The first issue was the brake problem, but then they hit each other. This, I think, was Nico’s fault, but I have to look at it again” said non-executive team chairman Niki Lauda.

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