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Are you ready to go bananas with Monkey Keno? Golden Riviera Casino brings you an online keno game packed with massive prizes and a humorous theme that’s guaranteed to leave you in stitches. Fans of lottery style games will love this game that’s packed with a number of features such as an exciting lottery-style number picker.

Monkey Keno Online Casino Game

With a bright colored tropical theme and audio to match, choosing the correct number has never been more important. Select the “correct” tiles and see if the money will reveal the big rewards you were hoping for. Immerse yourself with the Tiki Tribe and see if you can win up to 10 000 times your initial bet.

Here’s how to play Monkey Keno

Monkey Keno isn’t that far off from traditional online keno, the goal of the game is still the same – choose anywhere from 1 to 15 numbers with the hopes of getting hit by a coconut during a round of play. Once all the numbers are selected (this can be done by pressing the number on the screen), players can choose their bet size and press the Play button to begin.

Here, the monkey will start tossing coconuts at the board as they light up a total of 20 numbers. The board has 80 numbers, which means that there’s a 25% chance of hitting any single number. Depending on a number of numbers selected, players might only have to hit some of the numbers to win a prize.

Features to look forward to include:

  • Situated underneath the semian nut-hurler is the Cold Bar and Hot Bar. Numbers which have appeared a number of times will appear in the Hot bar, with some which haven’t received any hits appearing in the Cold Bar – you want the Hot Bar numbers!
  • Monkey Keno features Quick Pic and Auto Play functions.

Play Monkey Keno at Golden Riviera Casino and stand a chance to win big! Sign up with us today, make a deposit and receive an excellent welcome bonus!

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