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According to a spokesperson of the well-known video streaming service, Netflix is set to launch its New Zealand and Australia ISP Speed Index on Monday the 11th of May 2015.

Netflix in Australia and New Zealand

Already operating in Canada, Brazil and Argentina which are the most common Netflix territories, the ISP, Speed Index rates the operation of ISPs streaming Netflix online content in primetime on a monthly basis.

According to Netflix, the Speed Index is conducted across all the countries where Netflix is available. This is done at regular intervals. The difference this time is that it’s the first time the Australian ISPs will be included.

In order to get an accurate index, Netflix calculates the regular prime-time, bitrate for the company’s content which is streamed by the company’s’ members according to each ISP throughout all devices. The company has also published monthly speed report on its blog.

When looking at the Australian ISPs which first launched in March, things haven’t started off on the right note. With some ISPs confirming that the service has moved up to 25% of network traffic in April, a number of disgruntled customers have complained about the slow speeds. The biggest challenges providers’ face is coming up with a system that allows them to handle the big amounts of online television and films Aussie’s wish to watch.

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Allen Lew, Optus CEO proposed that Netflix together with various streaming services might have to invest more as this will assist in delivering top quality videos to customers. One of Australia’s biggest telecommunications company doesn’t seem to share the same sentiment.

Spokesperson of Telstra told Fairfax Media “prioritised content services are not on our agenda”.

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