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With the arrival of smartphones, most people have gotten comfortable and used to having the convenience that comes with owning a smart device. We make use of these devices for almost everything! Need directions? Use your smartphone. Need to order online? Use your smartphone. Need to check your bank balance? Use your smartphone.

Mobile Casino Online

Our smartphones have also become our entertainment hubs. For example, people who enjoy online gambling are now making use of mobile casino sites. However, if players have a horrible mobile experience, they can leave the site as quickly as they downloaded it.

Leading ID credentials authentication company, Jumio conducted a study on the effects of poor mobile experience of the consumer. The company discovered that in spite of the increased number in mobile registrations, across the board, mobile casinos are suffering from player abandonment. This interaction usually takes place between registration and deposit process. Player abandonment is a real issue for mobile casinos, in 2015 this action cost UK gaming companies £39 million.

Why Does Player Abandonment Occur?

One of the main reasons for player abandonment during the registration process is purely because it tends to be a lengthy process. Usually online casinos have a lengthy registration process and this is done to benefit the player by rooting out potential money launders, root out fraud and make sure that complying with regulations is being done. However, the same ‘safe process’ can sometimes drive potential players away.

The lengthy registration is one process; the deposit process is also just as daunting for customers. According to the report, the deposit stage has a bigger rate of abandonment when compared to the registration stage. One of the reasons for this is because the deposit process involves players being redirected and in some cases credit card companies decline the transactions. This tends to make players jump from one mobile casino to another.

According to Jumio, the issue can be resolved by implementing three things. By optimizing the mobile experience for the customer, the user is more inclined to stay with the casino. Another way is by using the most advanced technology, offering sites that load faster, which equals less bounce rates. Also, making a simple and stress-free registration and deposit process, by doing so, players will be opt in and not opt out of the mobile casino.

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