Online Casino 32Red fined CAD$3.5m for Failing to Protect Problem Gambler

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Online gambling operator 32Red was fined CAD$3.5mfor failing to protect a problem gambler. Instead of offering help and advice to the player, 32Red handed the customer free bonuses and VIP status.
32Red Fined CAD$3.5m

The Gambling Commission has identified 22 incidents where the customer’s behaviour should have raised red flags. The fine was due to the firm failing to carry out social responsibility. The casino failed to conduct money laundering checks after CAD$1.33 million was deposited into the customers account between November 2014 and April 2017.

The Gambling Commission Findings

The Commission said that 32Red should have intervened after the customer deposited large sums of money over two years. The customer admitted to the staff they had spent too much, displayed frustration and kept gambling to “chase” losses. Instead of asking the customer if they need help, 32Red offered free bonuses to let the customer continue playing.

The Swedish-owned, Malta-based online casino should have followed regulatory protocol. According to the gaming regulator, 32Red should have recognized the obvious signs of trouble and acted to help the man.

The Online Casino Players Red Flags

Here are the odd behaviours the Gambling Commission found which 32Red should have acted on:

  • The customer took five weeks to respond to requests for information about his personal finances.
  • The man’s proof of payslip was “not credible”.
  • The gambler claimed to have a monthly income of CAD$22 933 yet deposited an average of CAD$79 382 per month to the 32Red site.

UK Gambling Commission Crackdown on Operators Ignoring Laws

The UK Gambling Commission executive director said the following; “Instead of checking on the welfare of a customer displaying problem gambling behaviour, 32Red encouraged the customer to gamble more – this is the exact opposite of what they are supposed to be doing.

Operators must take action when they spot signs of problem gambling and should be carefully reviewing all the customers they are having a high level of contact with. Protecting consumers from gambling-related harm is a priority for us, and where we see operators failing in their responsibility to keep their customers safe, we will take tough action.”

888 Holdings has the biggest online gambling site fine to date. 888 was hit with a CAD$13,2 million penalty. The site failed to close a technical loophole which allowed 7, 000 self-excluded gamblers to continue losing money.

Get Online Gambling Addiction Help

If you or someone you know is struggling with an online gambling addiction here are some contact details of people who can help:

For more information on responsible gaming click here.

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