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With new technologies coming into the market offering convenience, so are new methods of playing mobile casino games which are also being adopted by gamers. With the growing numbers of smartphone and tablet users, we have seen a move from desktop to handheld devices and the numbers keep growing.


Mobile Casino Statistics

Since the inception of online casinos in the 1990’s, new technology has made the user experience more user-friendly, realistic and with new gaming development – convenient! According to research, in 2011, mobile online gaming grew by 7%, but by 2013, the number had risen to 17.4%. How will this unfold in 2016? Well, it is predicted that this is the year where we will see a 50% turnover from internet based casinos with players using smartphones and tablets.


Currently, for every 100 US citizens, there are an estimated 104 mobile phones used and even though more people keep buying new models to replace the old ones, more people are acquiring smartphones which means more access to online casinos. Also, with new technology comes a higher speed of connectivity which, when compared to a few short years ago, is quite impressive. For example, the screen size has gone from three inches in 2010 and is currently sitting at five or six inches today.


With internet access now becoming more available to the general public thanks to Wi-Fi hotspots, this means that in a matter of minutes players can access their casino of choice, pick a game and start wagering! It is estimated that in the UK, 33% of mobile casino player’s access casino games as they commute to work, 27% play during working hours and only 23% play while in the bathroom.

A number of online casinos make it easy for players to register, deposit and withdraw funds, acquire bonuses and do everything in between. All of which in the past was done on a desktop now lies in the palm of their hands! All of these elements have helped in the popularity growth of mobile casino games.

However, a number of factors come into play. Things such as where a player resides, the platform their smartphone uses, including the software the casino operates on, play a vital role in the accessing of mobile casino games. In the USA, online gambling is still restricted and the growth of these markets solely depends on liberalisation of the markets. However in the UK, Europe and Far East it’s simpler to find a more developed mobile casino site.

In addition, online sites such as Golden Riviera Casino offer a wide selection of mobile casino games. The Golden Riviera Mobile App also gives players the chance to game anywhere, anytime!

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