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Russian-born and bred poker pro, Safiya Umerova is now the second female to win the WSOP title! Now residing in Los Angeles, the gold bracelet went to Umerova as she was crowned the winner in the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Shootout. This is her very first WSOP-related gold bracelet and top prize win of the $264,046 – this makes it the biggest cash prizes she’s won since the beginning of her poker career.

Safiya Umerova

With over a year’s worth of poker experience, Umerova’s first move was taking part in the small stakes cash game in poker clubs situated in LA. This year she started taking part in tournaments and let’s just say that the entertainment and thrill that comes with these tournaments was enough to keep her playing. Soon after her victory, Safiya shared her thoughts on the win, saying that she has invested quite some time not to mention effort in mastering the game of poker.

In learning more about the game, she read a lot of books which has in the past assisted a number of people in gaining valuable poker knowledge and experience. Umerova who came to the United States only six years ago, has now become the second female player to win a tournament in the 2016 schedule of the WSOP Series. On the 30th of June, the $1,500 Bounty No-Limit Hold’em title went to Kristen Bicknell which made it her second-ever gold piece prize.

Umerova has proved that women can play and take home massive prizes in the various fields of poker playing. When questioned about the experience of being a female poker player in the “male dominated world of poker”, Umerova’s responded by saying that female players were often underestimated which according to her happened quite often while at the poker table. It’s safe to say that female players are slowly making their mark on the poker tables!

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