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Taking home his third title, Stan Wawrinka has successfully done the unthinkable – beat Novak Djokovic three times where this time he walked away with the U.S. Open title. Wawrinka had previously defeated Djokovic at the 2014 Australian Open and went on to surprise everyone when he defeated Djokovic again at the 2015 French Open.

Stan Wawrinka Tennis

The win didn’t come easy; Wawrinka had to overcome some shaky moments which were experienced in the third round. Five minutes before facing one of the best male tennis players, Wawrinka broke down in tears while speaking to his coach, Magnus Norman.

“I was really nervous, like never before. I was completely shaking,” Wawrinka said. However, this didn’t stop him from taking on the mighty Djokovic thus proving that the biggest tennis moments need one to rise to the occasion. Starting with a shaky start where Djokovic quickly jumped to a lead of 4-1, Wawrinka warmed up to the challenge and proved himself worthy of an opponent.

Since joining forces with Norman in 2013, Wawrinka has successfully shown the world of tennis that the number one spot isn’t reserved for anyone – it’s simply fair game.

“He has very good potential when he’s playing a lot of matches. He’s very vulnerable in the beginning of tournaments. We saw it in the third round against Evans. He’s very much up and down, and that’s something we work on and talk about almost every day. We still haven’t found the key of how we can be a little more consistent, but when he’s on, when he’s playing a lot of matches and a lot of tennis, I think he’s really tough to beat,” Norman said.

“He just steps in – he loves to play the big matches, he comes up with his best game,” Djokovic said. Dubbed the world No.1 male tennis player, Djokovic had never lost a single U.S. Open match until Sunday where Wawrinka’s 6-7, 6-4, 7-5, 6-3 triumph gave him one of the biggest major singles titles at the age of 31 – the U.S. Open Win!

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