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Casino owner and billionaire business man, Steve Wynn, is in hot water after expressing a rather inappropriate comment during a meeting with investors. ‘Nobody likes being around poor people’ was the statement made by Wynn. He further went on to say ‘Rich people only like being around rich people’.

Wynn Casino Building

The casino owner, who is currently worth $2.8billion, expressed the comment during his speech at his company’s first investor day event. During the speech Wynn also shared details of his company’s future and upcoming projects in Boston and Macau. The Macau resort will cost an estimated $4billion and the Boston casino will cost $2billion.

This also included details of a new lake resort casino which is set to be built in Las Vegas. The resort will cost $1.6 billion and is set to be ‘just like Disney’.

Wynn said that his company caters to the top-end of the gaming world, comparing it to the likes of Chanel and Louis Vuitton. He further went on to say that unlike Chanel and Louis Vuitton, his business caters to all of the market. By making their standards high, everybody will want to be in their establishments, or in a more common phrase ‘rich people only like being around rich people, nobody likes being around poor people especially poor people.

Wynn currently holds the title of being the most successful and famous casino owner in the world! His success is attributed to the numerous properties in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, the Mirage, Golden Nugget, the Bellagio, and Encore and Wynn resorts and casinos. In 2006, he shoved his elbow through a very famous painting, La Reve. The Picasso painting was ruined as Wynn was displaying the artwork to his friends, this incident happened before he was about to sell is to Steven Cohen for $139million!

After the news broke of what had happened to the painting eh sale was cancelled and the painting was repaired at a cost of $90, 000.

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