The Big Bogan is set to be an Aussie Monument

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According to the Daily Liberal report, the Nyngan town situated in the Bogan Shire aims to put up a Bogan on the Bogan River thus living up to its name. The New South Wales town aims to construct a rusted-iron bogan that’s 3.6-metres in height.

Bogan Shire Monument

The Big Bogan will feature a fishing line and a mullet which the town hopes will be a major tourist attraction.

The “bogan” term is already common amongst the locals and according to the Mayor Ray Donald, the “bogan” term should be adopted by all town folks. If approved by the council, the construction of the bogan is expected to cost $8000, however, this can only be made possible through community contribution.

The statue is set to join the 150 odd Australian “Bing Things” which compromise of the Big Merino, the Big Pineapple, the Big Banana, the Big Bottle of Rum and the Big Barramundi. Reverend Graham McLeod, who’s the brainchild behind the initial idea, explained the country’s fixation with Big Things.

“I thought, we better latch onto The Big Bogan. What would happen if Logan in Queensland decided they wanted to build the ‘Logan from Bogan’ and best us to it?” McLeod told the Daily Liberal.

A number of town folks took to social media to express their support for the Big Bogan. @Dr Yobbo tweeted “If Bogan Shire aren’t using this bloke as the model for their Big Bogan statue they’re not even trying.

Peter Oataway also tweeted “@EJGriffiths #BigBogan statue…maate”

It seems like the Big Bogan has already made a rather big impression and will be an even bigger tourist attraction.

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