The Word ‘Selfie’ is an Aussie Origin

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A number of things and people hail from down under. For example, Chris Hemsworth and Pavlova to name a few, however, it doesn’t stop there. Behold the social term that’s dominated conversations across the world with Kim Kardashian releasing a “Selfie Book”. The term ‘selfie’ is an Australian origin.

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Editor and researcher at the Australian National Dictionary Centre situated at the Australian National University, Mark Gwynn, delved deeper into the popularity of the term. In his most recent article on the BBC, which looked at the popularity of Australian slang, the word ‘selfie’ is a term which has been known for a few years now. The terms Australian background wasn’t known.

The source of the term was revealed when the Oxford Dictionaries did research in Internet terminology which traced the word back to a website called ‘a 2002 ABC forum posting – an Australian website!

“By that stage everyone around the world was using the term. But we didn’t really think it was Australian, even though it’s similar to Australian words like ‘muchie’ (mushroom)”, said Gwynn. The terms source (Australian) only became known in 2013 when ‘selfie’ was named the word of the year by the Oxford Dictionaries. However, according to Gwynn, the term isn’t necessarily an Aussie term. “We would say it could possibly come from Australia. It does sort of fit the bill for Australian terms, given the ‘ie’ suffix,” he said.

According to Gwynn, the term quickly became a sensation due to the void in the lexicon. This year the Oxford Dictionaries are adding 2,000 Australian words to their online dictionary. The publisher of Oxford Dictionaries, the ANDC is taking a step to incorporate Australian terms and this applies to all Aussie terms. So what does this mean for Australian vocabulary? Well, it seems that the country’s slang is catching on and fast. Terms which have caught on include “greenie” (an environmentalist), “surfie” (surfer), “budgie” (budgerigar) and “mozzie” (mosquito) to name a few.

One thing is for sure, ‘selfie’ continues to trend and make a name for itself in the social scene, time and time again.

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