Top 7 Interesting Facts about Casinos

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Casino’s have always been a part of modern society. Today gambling has evolved, casinos occupy digital space. The Canadian gambling industry revenue is CAD$15 billion per annum. In no particular order, here are the top 7 interesting facts about Casinos.

7 interesting casino facts


The World’s Smallest Casino – U.K

The Grosvenor Casino is a London mobile casino. The casino is in the back of a London cab. The casino has a gaming table, dealer bar and a TV showing sports. The cab lets passengers go anywhere in London as long as they make a charitable donation. Rides to the land-based Grosvenor Casino, are free of charge.

Woman Awarded Las Vegas’ First Casino License

The first ever casino license was awarded to a woman named Mayme Stocker in 1920. The casino was called the Northern Club. Stocker was a wife and mother. The Northern Club offered the five legal games of the time, namely; 500, bridge, stud poker, draw poker and lowball poker.

Caesars to Emperors – South Africa

Johannesburg had an entertainment and casino complex named Caesars Gauteng. In 2005 Ceasars Gauteng was bought out by Caesars Entertainment Corporation. The Casino then rebranded and changed names to Emperors Palace.  Emperors Palace is still operational in South Africa today.

A World War II Veteran Won Millions Playing Slots

Elmer Sherman, a World War II veteran, won $4.6 million from a slot machine at the Mirage, Las Vegas in 1989. Elmer won another $21.1 at the Cannery Casino in 2005.

The Gambling Capital of the World – China

Macau in China is the world’s largest gambling city. Macau is also the only place in China where it is legal to gamble. Macau revenues average five times those of Las Vegas. 75% of Macau’s revenue comes from high rollers who bet huge at table games in V.I.P. rooms.

America’s First Interracial Casino

Las Vegas’ first interracial casino opened on May 24th, 1955. At a time when America was extremely racist. The Casino was called Moulin Rouge. White people owned the casino. Sadly, the casino was mysteriously shut down after four and a half months of operation. Moulin Rouge was a peaceful and profitable casino.

Pokies Industry – Australia

Australian refer to slot machines as pokies. Australia has the most pokie machines per person than any other country in the world. Australia has one pokie machine for every 114 people. In 2017, Pokies made up 56.7% of Australia’s gambling market.

Private Room – Spain

The World’s first Casino was the Ridotto in Venice. Ridotto is an Italian term meaning “The Private Room”. The casino opened in 1638. Ridotto was situated behind the theatres. Back then wealthy Venetians would frequently visit theatres. After a show, the upper class would head over to the ridotto to mingle, and gamble.

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