What a Trump Presidency Means for Online Gambling

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As the new president of the United States of America, what impact does this new appointment have on the gambling industry and online gambling at large? Will this be good or bad for online gambling in the US? We dig deeper as we delve into the topic of Trump and his influence on online gambling in the US. The current misconception about Trump is that he likes gambling, his land based casinos are proof of that. He also likes online gambling and therefore might play a vital role at legalizing it.

Donald Trump Presidency Rally

A poker pro who shares the same sentiment is Mike Matuso who recently tweeted “Just vote Trump and online poker will be legal in a yr.” Five years ago, Trump shared the same sentiment when he expressed his support for online gambling. However, things have thus changed. Even if Trump wanted to legalize online gambling, the federal law would make things hard for him. Republicans Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Sen. Mitch McConnel has advanced on the ban on online gambling everywhere in the United Sates through the federal legislation called the Restoration of America’s Wire Act.

Some leaders in the gambling industry have come out against online gambling, CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp. Sheldon Adelson has expressed in the past his distaste of online gambling thus putting a stop to it at a federal level. What some might not know is that Adelson financially supported the Trump campaign. So, should Congress successfully manage to get a bill to Trump’s desk to legalize online gambling, the odds of him signing it would be highly unlikely given the relationship he has built with Adelson and let’s not forget the financial assistance he received during his campaign.

Is There a Positive Spin to it?

Having been embroiled in the scandal over Bridgegate, NJ Gov. Chris Christie has signed the legalization thus authorizing NJ gambling and online poker. Some might argue that he did it in the hopes of assisting his state’s failing casino industry. What’s interesting is that Christie, like Trump, also has built a strong relationship with Adelson. So, whether Christie is an online gambling forerunner is yet to be seen. Online gambling can be legalized by each state which won’t affect the federal level. Will online gambling be legalized everywhere, that’s yet to be seen.

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