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The UK Gambling Commission has decided to give more clarity with regards to the most important trends in the industry of online gambling in 2015. In so doing, the commission has thus released airport with statistics and analysis. In addition, the commission’s report includes statistics which are in the form of infographics thus making it easier to understand for non-specialists.

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The UK Gambling Commission Explains the Gambling Participation Drop

The most perceptible trend was that gambling participation sat at 45% in 2015 after declining from a steady 57% in the UK alone. The drop, as explained by the Gambling Commission, is due to theNational Lottery’s participation rate declining from 46% to 32% during the same time span.

This is also attributed to the declining UK lottery interest; however, despite the declining interest inthe lottery, the Gambling Commission also stated that the National Lottery is still the most well-likedform of gambling in the UK. In addition, the commission also disclosed that other lotteries andscratch cards are still the most favourable forms of gambling in the UK.

According to the Gambling Commission, people between the ages of 25-34 are tech pro’s when itcomes to new developments. This age group has more interest in technological developments as thisis seen with the high numbers of people with smartphones and tablets with in-play betting being themost well-known forms of betting for sports fans.

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