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Gambling as a whole is a $13 billion industry that keeps on growing every year. While there are limitations to actual casino venues, online casinos grow at much more rapid rate. This has largely been driven by advancements made in mobile technology which has allowed players to gamble on the go. All of a sudden, there are no longer limits to how many players can play a specific slot machine or at a table game of their choice. For even more immersive online gambling, live dealer casino games have been introduced. However, these have been around for some time now and now is the time to measure the success of Canadian online gambling. Is it a fad that will fade, or will it continue to grow and perhaps eclipse bricks and mortar casinos?

Growth of Online Casinos

Casino Venues Versus Online Casinos

Studies dating back to 2005 had already found that 75% of eligible Canadians had gambled in the past year. This number has surely risen as this is what physical gambling scene currently looks like:

  • There are just over 87,000 electronic gaming machines which include slot machines.
  • There are 33,000 lottery venders.
  • There are 60 permanent physical casino venues.
  • There are 250 race tracks.
  • There are 25,000 licenced bingo, raffle and temporary casino operators.

While this may and probably will rise, it takes much more expenditure to build, maintain and expand land based casinos. However, online casinos can grow in terms of the amount of active and paying users without having to do much else in terms of expenditure. Mobile gaming in particular has added a substantial amount of online casino players, who previously may not have had access to a PC to gamble online from. Canadian online gambling has continued to be a growing market like its counterparts around the world.

The Future of Online Gambling in Canada

Less strict regulatory control

The Canadian government leaves the legality of online gambling to each individual territory, rather than at federal level. iGaming in Canada was the first to hand out licenses to operators, with other states in line to follow. Observing the success of the internet casino industry, other parts of the country are set to become more lenient around gambling laws. This would increase investment and growth for Canada as a whole.

A grey area is potentially a play area

There is a lot of ongoing uncertainty surrounding the legality of online gambling in Canada and this has proven to be problematic for players in Canada. Because gambling laws and licensing are not centralised on a federal level, players could find loopholes for playing in other markets instead. This however, will not benefit Canada directly but could be beneficial for online casino players.

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