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This year’s Wimbledon is set to be the most “quietest” in tennis history. Maria Sharapova has been banned after the Russian tennis player failed a drug test. Rafael Nadal has suffered a wrist injury and Victoria Azarenko has also suffered the same fate with a knee injury.

Wimbledon 2016 Tennis Ball

However, the action we’ve all come to love about this sport remains intact. Nick Bollettieri, who has been blamed for supporting players in making a noise when striking the ball has informed Wimbledon Diary that “grunting is still part of the game”.

“We’re here in England and it’s all prim and proper, but you can’t stop this, it’s everywhere. If you took one of those sound-meters to the courts, you’d find that the men are just as loud as the ladies. So don’t pin this all on the girls.”

“The men and the women are putting every ounce of energy – their hearts and souls – into hitting the ball, and what are you going to tell them? You’re going to tell them to be quite? Are you crazy?”

Bollettierri suggested that the last thing that tennis should be doing is silencing the players and thus turning them into “mummies” or “square asses”.

“You don’t want them to come to the court dressed in a shirt and tie and begin a square ass. We’ve got to make this game fun, baby. We’ve got to have a little excitement. Don’t we want the players to show how much they care and want to win?”

A Little Bit of Green

For those who are going to Wimbledon, there’s something special about this year’s Wimbledon. For those occupying the southern end of all the courts across the All England Club, they will notice that the stripes to the left of the centre will have a lighter shade of green.

“Unless you’re looking out for that, you wouldn’t notice that. But that’s just us being meticulous about what we do. We want to be as close to perfection as we possibly can,” the head groundsman, Neil Stubley, told the Wimbledon Diary.

Serena William’s French coach, Patrick Mouratoglou informed Wimbledon Diary that he prefers to address the tennis player in English especially when having important conversations.

“We don’t speak French together as much as we should. Serena always asks me to speak French to her but I’m so used to speaking English to her. My vocabulary in English is bigger than hers in French, and I want to be understood when we’re talking about tennis. Serena loves to speak French. She has a good accent, not bad at all. If I compare her to other Americans, she’s doing really well,” he said.

The action never sleeps, who will walk away with the title…well we’ll have to wait and see.

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