Castle Builder Free Casino Game

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The Castle Builder slot game found at any Golden Riviera Casino website offers players the chance to experience a different perspective on 5-Reel slots. What truly sets this slot apart from others is that it gives the player the role of the royal master-builder who has the task of over overseeing the construction of numerous castles in three different kingdoms.

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Castle Builder: How to Play

Castle Builder comes in the form of a standard 5 reel, 15 payline slot. The main objective of Castle Builder is for players to construct 10 different castles in each of the three kingdoms. Construction material is gathered each time players spin the reel, and construction material symbols make an appearance. These construction material symbols are the special symbols in the game.

Once a castle has been completed the particular kingdom’s princess will take her throne in the castle and three men will be invited to attempt to impress her. Choosing the preferred man lies in the players’ hands and it could lead to substantial wins if the right one is chosen. Each admirer sports an undisclosed reward bonus.

Players can expect more elaborate castles as they progress through the game. More construction materials will also be required with the progression of the game as the castle’s size increases. With larger castle size increases, no doubt so do the rewards.

Players receive their merit of good will with the completion of each castle. Here players have the chance of receiving special achievements and service medals from the respective king which leads to the player working their way up to a higher rank.

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Get your work overalls on to build the castle and help the distressed princess find her prince charming. Available now at any of our top online casinos.