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Casino Games: Electro Bingo

Electro Bingo Online Casino Game Canada

What happens when a few twists are added to your favourite classic bingo game? Things start to get a little electric at Golden Riviera Casino. Electro Bingo takes the same fun you got from classic bingo several notches up. It offers fantastic wins, but also allows you to play for Free while you touch up your gaming skills.

How to Play

The basic objective of this game is to match the numbers on your cards with a set of winning patterns. For those who have not played bingo before, not to worry. This game is newbie friendly, easy and outlines the game rules clearly for you on the game interface. Here are some of the game rules to guide you:

  • You can purchase up to four cards, each card contains 15 numbers.
  • The game will launch a draw of thirty balls. You will need to mark off a pattern of numbers on your card as the numbers are called.
  • There are 14 various patterns in total, the patterns on your cards are placed randomly.
  • If you happen to be one ball away from completing your pattern on any of your cards, you can select a bonus ball. This ball is also randomly chosen.

Play Electro Bingo at Golden Riviera Casino

Take pleasure in the puffed-up game of bingo at Golden Riviera Casino. Win some electrifying payouts with Electro Bingo.