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Play 3 Reel Slots: High 5 Megaspin

High Five Megaspin Online Slot Canada

The High 5 Megaspin is a bigger, better and bolder slot game! Get ready for a slot that takes high to a whole new level. Powered by Microgaming, the classic slot gives you the option to play three or six games! With each set of reels, players are given a unique game with a jackpot of 15, 000 coins AND 25X wild multiplier.

When the first High 5 slot came out, it featured 5x and 25x multipliers. This obviously made it a hit as players couldn’t get enough of the slot. The new High 5 Megaspin slot still has classic elements from the original slot, allowing you to play four, six or nine slots all at the same time. Talk about Mega offering! With High 5 Megaspin, players are playing for the mega jackpot – 15, 000 coins!

High 5 Megaspin: How to Play

With each game, there's a three-coin max bet, however, because you can play so many games at the same time, the minimum coin size sits between 25c to 10c. When playing four games, the maximum bet per spin is 12 coins and 18 coins per game of six. When playing all nine games, 27 coins per game is what’s allowed. This means that if you choose all nine games, you will be paying €2.70 per game.

There is no limitation with this slot, you can choose a higher coin size, however, it’s wise to calculate how much you’re going to be betting before pressing the max bet option. Similar to the single game version, the High 5 symbols are still the highest paying. If you manage to land all three on a single line, you will win 15, 00 coins. The High 5 symbols also take the place of wild multipliers, if a player lands one or two, the player’s winnings will be multiplied by five or even twenty five – even for small winnings, this is huge!

Play High 5 Megaspin at Golden Riviera Casino

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