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Developed by software company Microgaming, Hiphopopotamus is an online slot game that perfectly brings together high hop music and the hippopotamus! Microgaming brings you the 3 reel, 1 payline slot game that’s made for the hip-hop lovers. Inspired by what looks like a set of a Run DMC video, players can look forward to seeing Adidas Shell Toes, some serious mixing decks and awe-inspiring graffiti.

With high value themed symbols which include Trainers, Microphones, Spray Cans, Gold Chains and Ghetto Blasters – you won’t be bored with this slot game. Did we mention that the hippo is packing? The hippo symbol is the highest paying symbol offering 500x the winnings!

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Hiphopopotamus Online Slot: Features and Symbols

Board Game Feature

If a player manages to complete the number trail situated underneath the reels, they will reach the board game stage. This is a separate game on its own. This can be accomplished by getting symbols which contain a small number on the payline. There’s also the option of making use of the bonus which is awarded when you land that particular symbol.

At the beginning of the board game feature, players start at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and try to make their way up and across the squares. This can be achieved by guessing the Hi/Lo gamble correctly. By landing on a bonus square, players will be rewarded one of many prizes such as an extra life or a guaranteed win.


This symbol usually appears above the reels. If the symbol appears on the reels, the symbols will rearrange themselves into an awesome win!

Funk You Up Feature

This feature is a randomly awarded bonus. Here the notice board cycles through the symbols, once the ‘Stop’ button is pressed, the selected symbol will offer a reward.

Nudges and Holds

Popular with most fruit machines, nudges are randomly awarded as they give the player the opportunity to push the reels all the way down as this might help in acquiring a winning combination. Holds are also sometimes awarded as they allow the player to freeze one or more reels. This move helps the player in winning something with the next spin.

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