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Get ready to take your position on the starting line with the Mega Money Rush casino game. This fast-paced racing game features 8 different tracks with a unique car, and fantastic bonuses. So, put your helmet on, and buckle up, things may get a little frantic.

Mega Money Rush Loading Screen Slot Online

The Race is On

Mega Money Rush was inspired other famous racing games such as Spy Hunter, and Pole Position. It appeals mostly to male mobile gamers aged 25 to 45 years. However, anyone is welcome to play for fun.
This slot eight different worlds. As you progress to a new world, the level of difficulty increases slightly. This makes the game more challenging, and rewarding. Each new world is unlocked when you meet the criteria. Each world will have its own gaming requirements.
Wagering on this racing game will cost between 0.20, and 100.00. The default bet will cost 1.00.

How to Play

The object of the game is for players to collect as many gold coins, and treasure chests as possible. However, beware of the obstacles on the track that will try to prevent you from grabbing the coins, and treasure chests. Your winnings are determined by the amount of gold coins, and treasure chests collected. However, the amount of obstacles you hit will reduce the amount won.

Mega Money Rush Jackpots

Each world features its own jackpots when you wager the maximum bet.
• World 1 – CA$103,100
• World 2 – CA$203,100
• World 3 – CA$303,100
• World 4 – CA$403,100
• World 5 – CA$503,100
• World 6 – CA$603,100
• World 7 – CA$703,100
• World 8 – CA$803,100
• Bonus Round jackpot is $10,000.00

Bonus Race

This feature can be won in all worlds that feature in this slot. It is won when the “Win” slice lands in the external wheel, and the “Bonus RACE” slice appears in the internal wheel. Once triggered, there are two steps within the feature.

Selection Screen

In this bonus, the selection screen allows players to pick one of 5 options. This will reveal a specific amount on the bonus racetrack.

Bonus Race

This feature is all about the gold coins, and treasure chests. There are no obstacles or powerups to get in your way on the racetrack.

Different Worlds

1. Road Rush

This world will take you through the countryside in your favourite sports car. Here you can win a maximum of 1000X your bet. However, watch out for the potholes that will take away 5 gold coins every time you hit one.

2. Water Thrill

In this world you get to take your speedboat out on the water. Here you can win up to 2000X your bet. However, be careful of the Octopuses that will eat five golden coins for everyone you hit. There are also rocks that will push you into another lane.

3. Canyon Flight

This world will have you climbing into a stunt Bi-plane, and flying through the canyon. Here you can win up to 3000X your bet. Look out for the vultures, and try to avoid them as they will reduce your winnings by 5 gold coins each time they get in the way.

4. Jungle Safari

Take your SUV through the jungle, and win up to 4000X your bet. Beware of the snakes, and porcupines that will take away five golden coins each and every time you hit one.

5. Shark Attack

Hop in your submarine, and take a drive through the ocean to win up to 5000X your bet. Keep your eyes peeled for the hungry sharks that will be looking to get in your way, and steal 5 golden coins. There are also volcanoes that will hit your submarine into the next lane.

6. Dune Rally

Take your dune buggy for the ultimate dune challenge, and try to pick up a win worth 6000X your bet. Watch out the skeletons, and camels roaming around. They will take away 5 golden coins.

7. Snow Slide

Go on an adventure through the snowy North on your snowmobile. In this world, you can win up to 7000X your bet. In this world, your obstacles will be a Yeti that will reduce your gold coins by 5. There will also be trees that will force you into the next lane.

8. Star Blaze

Get ready to take on the ultimate world. Hop into your spaceship, and fly to the stars for a payout worth up to 8000X your bet. On your journey try, and avoid the satellites and asteroids that will take away 5 gold coins each. There are also space vortices that will shift your spaceship into another lane.

Maximise your Winnings with Powerups

Powerups are another great feature that will help your score the maximum payout. There are three different types of powerups.


These attract the much-needed gold coins, and treasure chests. These are active for 11 rows, and can collect a maximum of three gold coins per row.


This powerup places a shield around the vehicle, and will be active for 25 rows. They are able to defeat obstacles so you don’t lose any gold coins or control. The shield is not able to protect you against the obstacles that shift you into another lane.

Coins Vacuum

This powerup will remove all obstacles in your way, and attract the gold coins that are in range of the vehicle. This powerup will be available for 5 rows, and able to collect up to 3 gold coins.
Powerups are won in the external wheel during the wheel screen. Here each powerup slice will reward you with one powerup. They can also be won with the surprise girl. The Surprise girl will reward you with one of each.

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