European Blackjack

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European Blackjack

Partake in a time-honoured game of skill, class and sophistication that can trace is noble ancestry to the common gambling taverns and aristocratic parlour rooms of Medieval France, Italy and Spain. Hailed by historians as the preferred pastime of such notable historical figures as Napoleon Bonaparte and the Madame du Barry, the beautiful mistress of King Louis XV who was absolutely enamored with the game of Vingt-Un (which literally translates to Twenty-One in French), the modern version of Blackjack is considered the most widely played casino table game in the world, affording both the aristocrat and the common citizen hours of enjoyment and testing of skill. In tribute to this classic card game rich in European heritage and traditional, online gaming software developers Microgaming™ have developed a table game that stays faithful to its traditional European heritage.

Extra information of European Blackjack

  • Hand: Single Hand
  • Deck: standard 52-card deck
  • Chip Numbers: the least possible according to chip size
  • Chip Size: €0.01 to €100,000.00

The Greatest Table Game

European Blackjack is a classic single-hand Blackjack game that plays according to the traditional European gaming rules. Players play from a single standard 52 card deck which is shuffled before each game. The aim of the game, as with all traditional Blackjack games, is to beat the Dealer’s hand without exceeding the numerical value of 21, or by the Dealer’s hand exceeding 21 (i.e.,”Going Bust”). A card combination of a non-split Ace and a 10-value card (such as 10, Jack, Queen and King) is considered to be a Blackjack hand, which is the winning hand of the game and pays out 3:2 on the player’s bet. Splitting and Doubling Down of one’s hand are only allowed under specific conditions, and a split Ace card with a 10-value is only considered 21, not Blackjack.

Players may also make an optional Insurance side just in case the Dealer’s upturned Hole card turns out to be an Ace, which consists of half of the player’s standard bet and pays out 2:1, making up for a portion of one’s losses in case the Dealer has a Blackjack hand. Continue in the tradition of this game’s noble European history, celebrate in the sophisticated simplicity of its gaming roots. There is no frivolity, no garish flush, just pure, simple, traditional European Blackjack.