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High Limit European Blackjack is quite a famous casino game at the best online casino sites in Canada! Dubbed a ‘blackjack variation’, the only major difference between these two games is that in American Blackjack the Hole Card rule applies and this isn’t the case with High Limit European Blackjack.

High Limit European Blackjack Online Canada

The Hole Card rule works in this manner when dealing the cards, the dealers will receive one card faced up (the Up Card) and one face card known as the Hole Card. Should the dealer’s Up Card be a Face Card (Jack, King, or Queen), then they must check for Blackjack before continuing to play. However, with European Blackjack, the dealer only receives one Up Card right at the start of play.

Once all the players have completed playing their hands, the dealer will finish their own hand. Powered by Microgaming, High Limit European Blackjack follows the normal European Blackjack rules; however, it uses 2 standard decks. This only benefits the player and lessens the House Edge; this means that the fewer decks in play, the smaller the House Edge.

The game’s classic look and feel embody a lavish casino thus embracing luxury, featuring impressive visuals and the best gameplay. As with any blackjack game, High Limit European Blackjack has the same rule – beat the dealer with a 21 or a hand that’s pretty close to 21 as possible. The dealer stands at 17, here players can try and get lucky between 18-21 numbers which offer a bigger edge in beating the dealer.

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High Limit European Blackjack is ideal for high rollers who are looking for a higher betting range. This can include one that’s starting with a minimum of C$20 and a maximum betting range of C$1000. This game makes it ideal for players who are all about taking risks, bet big and win big!