High Streak Blackjack

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High Streak Blackjack Online Canada

High Streak European Blackjack Gold, also known as High Streak Blackjack – is an online blackjack variation that’s packed with rewards and cool bonus blackjack jackpots! With High Streak Blackjack, you won’t be playing your usual classic table game, from an aesthetic point of view, everything is matchless! The first thing you see is the rectangle highlighted “Click to place bets”; this is where you click to place bets. There’s also a circle marked “High Streak Bet”, you can click here to place optional High Streak side bets – how cool is that?

High Streak Blackjack: How to Play

The rules for European Blackjack are the same as the ones for High Streak Blackjack. With any blackjack game played at online casinos, the goal is the same, to beat the dealer by acquiring cards that come closer to 21 without going over. With this online blackjack game, the High Streak side bet is an added feature which makes this game stand out. With the side bet, you can win jackpots which get bigger and even bigger with a blackjack winning streak!

Keep in mind that the High Streak bet is an optional move and what most newbies don’t know is that this bet can be any amount. For example, this can be the same amount as your usual blackjack bet, higher or lower even. So you’ve won a game of High Streak Blackjack? This is what follows:

  • You automatically win the regular blackjack bet. You win a 1-to-1 payout for a normal winning hand and a 3-to-2 payout for a hand of Blackjack.
  • With each of the High Streak bets made, they move to the next higher circle on the blackjack table. This makes it ideal for a higher payout subject to the player winning their next blackjack game.

Play High Streak Blackjack at Top Casinos Online

Get on all the action of High Streak Blackjack at one of Golden Riviera Casino’s favorite casinos online! Place your bets and enjoy a side bet that could potentially have you win big!