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Casinos at Golden Riviera offers players a great variety of elegant and classic video poker variants. One of the greatest variants is Bonus Poker 50 Play Power Poker. This incredible variant allows players to play up to a total of 50 separate hands. If you have the skills and lady luck is on your side, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give this video poker variant a go.

To make things even more remarkable, Golden Riviera makes use of casinos that use Microgaming technology to power this Online Casino Game. The graphics, animations, and sound effects are so bold they will bring this video poker variant to real-life.

bonus poker 50 play power poker

Bonus Poker 50 Play Power Poker: Rules

Players have the choice to bet on up to a total of 50 hands. Each hand that players chooses to bet on is considered as active. To add a unique twist, in this variant hands are dealt first then players can choose which hands they would like to bet on. From the hands players have betted on, they can discard and replace as many cards as they like.

Each hand is dealt from a separate standard 52-deck of cards, which is shuffled before each hand is dealt. Bonus Poker 50 Play Power Poker comes with a Double Your Money Gamble feature. This feature is activated whenever a player has a winning hand. During this feature, players have the choice to pick one of four cards, if the card value selected is higher than the dealer’s card, the players winnings are doubled.

Play Bonus Poker 50 Play Power Poker at Golden Riviera Casinos

Show off your video poker skills at Golden Riviera Casino with Bonus Poker 50 Play Power Poker. Experience this sensational video poker variant for your chance to win some exceptionally bonus payouts.

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