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As poker is one of the most popular card games around, it’s hardly surprising that it has become increasingly popular with online casinos, spawning numerous unique versions. One of these unique and interesting versions is Deuces and Joker, which you can enjoy at the best Canadian online casinos. Designed by leaders in online casino software, Microgaming, it is a must play for any video poker enthusiast, largely down to the fact that there can be as many as five wild cards and a large selection of great options to play. Having so many wild cards, there are a great number of opportunities for experienced players to take advantage of.

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Deuces & Joker: How to Play

Deuces & Joker is played with 53 cards, the standard 52 card deck as well as a joker. All deuces in the deck are wild and can be used to complete winning hands. Include all the deuces and the joker and you have the prospect to have 5 wild cards. The game will automatically assign the wild cards to give you the best possible outcome.

There’s also an Auto Play option available in Expert Mode, where all the decisions will be made by the computer, using a table to ensure the optimal strategy.

Finally, there’s an amazing doubling feature, allowing players to try and double after each win. Five cards will be dealt with one facing up. The player will then need to select one of the remaining cards and if it is of a higher value, the player wins.

Play Deuces & Joker at Top Online Casinos

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