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Triple Pocket Poker Gold is one of many gold series poker games players can enjoy for real money. Poker is popular casino game choice among many high roller casino patrons in Canada. Triple Pocket Poker is an intriguing take on the traditional game. Developed with Microgaming™ technology, Triple Pocket Hold’Em Poker boasts top quality graphics and sound effects that will make you feel like you are at your favourite casino.

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Triple Pocket Hold’Em Poker: How to Play

Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker is a stylish Poker game with a twist. The aim of the player is to beat the Dealer with a Re-Deal option whereby players can choose to re-deal of the pocket cards.

There are two Dealers in this game. Players have the opportunity to play against both. The game is played with a deck of 52 cards. The Dealer and player are both dealt two pocket cards each. Players then have the option of rejecting the pocket cards twice. Players cannot place a bet after the flop, turn or river. Players need to beat both dealers, so make sure you have the best hands on the table. If a player asks for a re-deal on the first two hands, then they have to hold onto the third hand dealt. If you keep the right cards in your hand, you could receive a payback of 40:1 on your Ante Bet. All winning hands pay 1:1 except for the bonus payouts like a Royal Flush which pays out 40:1 or a Straight Flush which pays out 10:1. Great hands to look out for are also the Four of a Kind, Full House or Flush winning hands. As the game is set to the rules of Microgaming™’s “Gold” series, it offers players a sense of realism, sophistication and excellent graphics and game-play. Play Poker and push your skill set to the limit.

Play Triple Pocket Poker Gold for Real Money

Triple Pocket Poker Gold is an exciting poker variant available for Canadian players to enjoy instantly at top Canadian online casinos. Sign up to play today and receive your welcome deposit bonus and start your video poker gaming.