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Real money casino games are all about entertainment. However, since these games involve an element of risk, they should always be enjoyed in moderation. Golden Riviera Casino encourages every Canadian patron to play any casino games strictly for enjoyment purposes only. As a top online casino guide site, we’ve made it our responsibility to show players to safe and regulated gambling environments. We also urge all players to play with a budget and within their own financial means. Below are a few ways most good online casinos can help players gamble responsibly.

Set Responsible Gaming Limits to Protect Yourself

  • Deposit limit: Some online casinos in Canada will allow you to set a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit. This will help you stay within your gambling entertainment budget.
  • Wagering limit: Limiting your maximum bet allowance is another way of staying within your budget. This limit refers to a daily, weekly or monthly wagering limit.
  • Loss limit: Most players obsess over losing and want to make their money back. However, a loss limit locks a player’s entry once they lost their set loss limit.
  • Session time limit: Another factor to look at is placing time limits per gaming session to limit spending endless hours gambling.

All limits are completely optional and need not be applied by players at all. However, we strongly urge players to contact their casino site of choice. If they are a good online casino, they should be able to help set these limits up. For more drastic measures, players may try one of the below options:

  • Cooling-off period– This is when a player takes a short break from real money gaming by temporarily closing their account. The cool-off period may be set to last anywhere between 24 hours to 90 days.
  • Self-exclusion– Another option which allows you to take a break from real money gaming is locking your casino account. This option allows players to decide how long they’d like to deactivate their account for. Players will not be able to sign in to their account.

A third-party family member or friend may also request an exclusion for a player who may have a gambling problem. However, to process this request, the player will need to be contacted for verification purposes, using the requested documentation.

Under-age Online Gambling

Since real money gambling involves risks, no one may gamble under the age of 18 years or younger and this should be closely watched.

It is also the players responsibility to ensure their username and password is always secure. This will help prevent any unattended minors, under 18 years old, from gambling on their mobile or desktop.

A reputable online casino will have strict controls in place to prevent minors from accessing their gaming system. These casino sites will also have procedures in place which require players to truthfully disclose their lawful age during the necessary sign-up steps.

Should any player need to filter or block any online gambling websites from an underage person, please visit

Problem Gambling - Responsible Gaming

How to Notice a Gambling Problem

If you or someone you know has done or considered any of the following, we recommend you contact the necessary authorities below this.

  • Sold personal items of value or those valuable items of others for the purpose of gambling.
  • Mistakenly or purposely used money meant to pay expenses for gambling.
  • Neglected your own welfare, or that of your friends or loved ones.
  • Done anything illegal to finance a gambling session.
  • Contemplated suicide because of excessive gambling.
  • Gambled with the purpose of winning money to pay debts, expenses or get yourself out of financial difficulties.
  • Used money borrowed from a friend or loved to finance your gambling.
  • Felt an intense need to carry on playing to win after you lose a lot of money.
  • Didn’t know when to stop playing, even after a big win.
  • Gambled all your credits up?

Where to Get Help

There are a list of independent organizations below that players can contact anonymously or on behalf of someone else. If you or someone is seeking advice or suffering from a gambling problem, vever hesitate to contact the necessary authorities below: