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Table Games: Online American Roulette

American Roulette is a classic version of the Roulette game available to play online at Golden Riviera Casino. What sets this game apart from other variants of the game is that the Roulette Wheel includes a zero and a double zero bring the slots around the wheel to a total of 38. The game of Roulette has been known to draw crowds around the table and the entertainment factor remains the same when playing online. It’s a timeless game brought to the 21st Century by Microgaming. American Roulette at Golden Riviera recreates an authentic casino experience for you to enjoy on your desktop screen from the comfort of your own home.

American Roulette

About American Roulette

At first glance the Roulette table may appear as somewhat intimidating for new players. It is, however, fairly easy to understand as the different sections marked out on the table simply mark the different types of bets players can make while also providing a visual reference of the different types of bets a player has made during a game.

The highest paying bet in American Roulette is called the Straight Up bet, where a player places their chips on one number. The Straight Up bet pays out 35:1. The lowest paying bets are the odds/evens and colour bets where a player bets on sets of numbers. These payout 1:1 but are considered as safe bets because the winning rate on these types of bets are quite high.

Play American Roulette at Golden Riviera Casino

American Roulette is an extremely popular variation of Online Roulette available at Golden Riviera Casino. The game is graphically astounding and provides players with an authentic Online Gambling experience. If you’re a first time player, sign-up at Golden Riviera Casino today to receive your Welcome Bonus.