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Top Poker Machines in Canada

Golden Riviera Casino offers video poker fans the best common video poker games. Online video poker is a five-card casino game played on a computerised console similar to a slot machine. Online video poker is among the most popular online games at this Video Poker Casino.

Aces and Eights
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Deuces and Joker Poker
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Tens or Better
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If you want to learn how to play real money video poker, your search does not need to continue beyond this point! Golden Riviera Casino offers the widest collection of video poker variations on the web. Our video poker games are designed to be a vivid re-creation of an actual real-life poker room experience.

Basic Video Poker History

The poker hand has undergone a long process of transformation to reach its current state. The earliest version of the video poker machine was presented with a computerised digital console. It was displayed on a television like monitor. This appearance of the game somewhat resembles the slot machine. From this first version, the video poker machine has evolved into home poker games players love and enjoy.

There are raging debates about where the game’s true origins lie, many suggest it came about in the early 1800s. However, there is enough evidence suggesting two different schools of thought. According to one school, the game originated in Persia and was known as ‘as-nas’. In this game, participants were each given five cards from a pack of twenty. Others ascribe the origins of the game to the French and consider it a derivation of a game that was known as Poque.

Modern-Day Video Poker

Whilst it is uncertain about the origins, one thing is certain, poker is fun. Online video poker is a better choice as you have more variety. Make the most of your online video poker play and open an account with us today!

Video Poker Variations

Video poker casinos like Golden Riviera offer a completely different game play. There is more variety with bigger real money jackpots. Popular online video variations include;

Best Video Poker Site

From basic video poker machines to the ones of today, advanced video poker has emerged as a gaming favourite. Learn how to play real life poker in Canada for instant wins!