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Online baccarat at Golden Riviera Casino Canada is a popular table game for all players. The original baccarat game came from France. Baccarat is now one of the most played casino games in Canada. The game of baccarat is simple to grasp. Canadians can play baccarat for free or real money. With online baccarat casinos, players need to accumulate a hand of 9 from two or three cards. Golden Riviera Casino offers players all the common baccarat variants to enjoy online. These include; Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco and Baccarat Banque. Since the introduction of online baccarat casinos, the popularity of the game continues to boom.

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Baccarat Basics

Baccarat is a simple game that involves making one of three possible bets. Players need to bet on the hand they believe will get closest to 9, before revealing their hand. Players can place bets on the hand of either the player, banker or a tie. Here’s how each hand works:

The player's hand

  • A hand with any total between 6 and 9 must stand.
  • Players will receive extra cards if their initial hand is 5 or less.
  • A hand adding up to 8 or 9 automatically This is called a natural.
  • If the player and banker have the same hands, the game ends as a tie.

The banker’s hand

  • If the first two cards of the hand equal 7, 8 or 9 the banker must stand.
  • A hand between 0 to 3 must hit.
  • There is an exception when the banker has a total of 3 and the player a total of 8.
  • The banker can hit with a hand of 4, 5 and 6, depending on the player's total.
  • The banker must hit with a:
    - 4 against a player with a total between 2 and 7.
    - 5 against a player with a total between 4 and 7.
    - 6 against a player with a total between 6 and 7.

Baccarat Card Values

  • Cards between the value of 2 and 9 maintain their face value.
  • 10, Jack, King, and Queen cards have a value of 0.
  • Ace cards have a value of 1.
  • Any hand that reaches a value of double digits, drops the digit on the left. For example, a hand of 14 is actually a hand equalling 4.

Baccarat Game strategy

Online baccarat offers players limited opportunity to influence the outcome of the game. The house edge for online baccarat is much smaller compared to other casino games.

Players who want to develop a strong strategy for this game are limited. However, baccarat basics show players should ride on the outcome of the previous hand. From here they should vary the intensity of betting accordingly. This means players should maximise the opportunity by betting more when they are winning, and less when they are losing.

Baccarat Online History

The original baccarat game was invented in the middle ages by Felix Falguierein. The original baccarat game was played with a deck of tarot cards. Italian baccarat is one of the first known forms of the game.

Later on, Italian baccarat went to French casinos before appearing at Las Vegas casinos in the 1950's. Baccarat is derived from the Italian word meaning zero in English. The zero is significant of the tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings which hold a value of zero in the game. This French variation of the game became known as Chemin de Fer.

When it first arrived in Las Vegas, it never really took off among gamblers. The game of Chemin de Fer was too complex for the American players. It was then when a simpler version was introduced. This was called Punto Banco. In this version, the drawing decisions of the player were taken away. Player actions were also restricted to making initial bets. Punto Banco was a much faster paced game with a single dealer and lower stakes were offered.

Introduction of Online Baccarat Casinos

In the 1990’s, the first online casinos were introduced. This took popular casino games and table games like Baccarat online. This means you can experience the thrill of common baccarat variations in one place. What makes online casino games better, is that leading gaming providers are taking things one step further. They are making casino games fully responsive. This means, you can experience the fun anywhere, anytime by using your mobile device.

These technology advancements has helped boom the popularity of baccarat. However, the impact of online casinos is not the only reason. Canadians also enjoy the low house edge baccarat comes with.

Baccarat Table Game Terms

  • Baccarat- When the banker or player has a total of zero, it is known as baccarat.
  • Banker- One of the three possible bets players can make on a standard baccarat table.
  • Dealer- This is the person in charge of drawing the cards. However, online baccarat is played in a big table version where players can take up the dealer position.
  • Natural- This is a hand consisting of a value of 8 or 9 from the first two cards dealt.
  • Player- Another one of three possible baccarat betting options.
  • Run- A side bet that offers players the opportunity to bet on a series of hands in a row.
  • Tie- The last betting option available in the game of baccarat. This is also known as a standoff. The tie bet has the highest payout ratio of 8:1, and has the biggest house edge of just under 15%.