Canada, USA and Mexico to co-host the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2026

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The 2018 Russia World Cup Tournament kicks off today! The latest FIFA World Cup news… Canada, USA and Mexico have successfully bid to co-host the 2026 FIFA Soccer World Cup. Voting concluded in Moscow on Wednesday 13 June 2018. The results are 134 – 65 in favour of the North American bid.

World Cup 2026

Canada’s Road to World Cup 2026 Success

This will be the first time Canada hosts the men’s FIFA World Cup tournament. Canada has lost out 2 World Cup bids to its co-hosts.

  • In 1986 Canada lost out to Mexico.
  • In 1994 Canada lost out to the United States of America.

Canada has hosted many international events in the past. Examples are the Under-20 World Cup in 2007 and the Women’s World Cup in 2015.

Vancouver’s World Cup 2026 Race

Vancouver was Canada’s forth-member city set to host World cup 2026 games at the BC Place. Vancouver withdrew from the bid back in March. Vancouver has in the past hosted World Cup qualifying matches.

World Cup 2026 – History in the Making

USA, Canada and Mexico are the first three countries to ever co-host the soccer World Cup tournament. Japan and South Korea co-hosted the tournament in 2002.

The winning bid sees 60 games hosted in the US including, 10 in Mexico and 10 in Canada. Three Canadian stadiums are likely to host group stage games in Canada. The Stadiums are

  • Field in Toronto
  • Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton
  • Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

Kick-off World Cup 2026

The future of the FIFA World Cup 2026 tournament is not set in stone. We are yet to see how big an effect will the current political climate play. Time, however, is on the host countries side. Even if Donald Trump were to run for a second-term his tenure in the ‘oval office’ would be over by 2024.

What Does World Cup 2026 Mean for Canadians?

The impact of the North American United bid will be felt for generations to come. Here is what World Cup 2026 currently means for Canadians:

  • Sports: Canada will be part of the 48 teams which compete in the tournament. The last time Canada compete in the World Cup tournament was in 1986.
  • Tourism: The world cup 2026 is good news for Canada’s travel and tourism industry. Many soccer fans from around the world will visit the country. World Cup 2026 is an opportunity for the Canadian tourism industry to expand in earnings and exposure.
  • Country: Canada is making history along with Mexico and the United States of America.
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