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Celebrities are known for some things, their work being the most prominent. They make money through various channels and continue to rise in the popularity contest. So, the big question is, how do they spend all the accumulated money? Luxurious property, cars, holidays, private jets or yachts should cover it, but what about the rest of the money?

Top Celebrity Gamblers

Some choose to gamble! Not the most obvious option, however, many fans would be surprised to learn that their favorite celebrities are not so shy about their gambling expenditure. Most of these celebrities choose to go to land-based casinos as opposed to playing at an online casino thus exposing their desire and sometimes greed for gambling.

Here are some of the most famous celebrity gamblers:

1. Charlie Sheen

According to his ex-wife, Denise Richards, claims that the Two and a Half Men star used to spend around $20, 000 a week on sports gambling. It’s also claimed that Charlie’s addiction started way back in his youth and carried well into his adulthood. Sheen pocketed 1.8 million per episode; it’s safe to say that his gambling addiction was well fed.

2. Ben Affleck

Known for his love for blackjack and poker, Ben Affleck is no stranger to the world of wagering. In 2004 Affleck won the California State Poker Championship. Unfortunately, in 2014 Ben got banned from the blackjack table in Las Vegas purely because he got too good at it.

3. Tobey Maguire

Who knew “Spiderman” would be good at gambling? It turns out that Maguire loves gambling so much that he got sued for taking part in an illegal gambling ring – ouch! He’s also known for being a great player who’s also a bad loser – quite a combination!

4. Tiger Woods

A beast on the golf course, Tiger Woods isn’t so shy when it comes to gambling. Rumoured to bet as much as $25, 000 in one hand in one night, talk about not being scared of taking chances! Woods enjoys playing the classic blackjack game. Hence, he keeps coming back for more.

4. 50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson III, also known as 50 Cent is all about the high stakes. In 2012 the rapper made a bet of $500, 000 on a championship game between the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers, a title which was taken by the Giants.

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