The Chanel ‘casino’ featured Kristen Stewart and Rita Ora

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When it comes to fashion and the Chanel’s fashion shows, over the top is the order of the day! This year’s Paris Fashion Week was flamboyant and a total show stopper. Design guru Karl Lagerfeld went with a casino theme for this Autumn-Winter 2016 collection, which was hosted at Paris Fashion Week on July 7th.

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The ‘casino’ had a number of prestigious gamblers which included Julianne Moore, Rita Ora, Vanessa Paradis dominated the roulette wheels as they sat in the company of dealers dressed in immaculate suits. The fashion designer said that the industry needs to start adapting to modern technology and with good reason.

“You know fashion is not needed, there are other problems in the world which may be more important, so this is not a problem but it’s an industry and you know, fashion has to go with time, if fashion doesn’t go with time, fashion would be lost,” he said.

According to Lagerfeld, each of the guests who were ‘pretending to gamble’ during the show were wearing tailored made dresses all of which were designed for the show alone. Lagerfeld also added that he misses the days when people dressed up to go to the casino. One thing is for sure, the marriage of fashion and the ‘casino’ was a match made in heaven!

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