Vodafone now gives Australians Free Roaming in New

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Australians are going to start loving Vodafone in 2016! Did someone say free roaming? As in free roaming while travelling? The answer is yes!

Vodafone Power to You

For an entire year, in New Zealand SIM-only customers and Vodafone Red will now have $5 per day international roaming payment renounced. The company made the official announcement on the 1st Monday of 2016. For Vodafone customers this means that they will now be able to make use of their data on the 4G network, make international and local calls at standard rates. This also includes add access to additional features on their specific price plans!

In 2010, Vodafone lost millions of their Australian customers when they introduced call drop outs which also included sporadic coverage. At the time, the company couldn’t fix its substructure issues and as such Vodafone is still trying to win over more customers and free roaming is one way of accomplishing the issues at hand.

According to Loo Fun Chee, Vodafone’s chief marketing officer, Vodafone chose New Zealand as a the perfect experimental spot purely because it’s the country’s long standing number one travel destinations for Aussies. However, the same news doesn’t apply for Vodafone New Zealand customers.

Although the $5 roaming plan is new for Australians in New Zealand, the plan has been in effect in over 50 countries. The company aims to encourage customers to switch on international roaming on their travels as opposed to switching off their phone except in Wi-Fi or the usual process of buying a local SIM. On average, less than 1 in 5 Aussies use roaming purely because they don’t fully understand its functions or because roaming package plans are way out of their budget.

Since its inception roaming fee in 2013, Vodafone customers have used a total of more than 462 million megabytes on data overseas. The company plans to use a 12 month trial in New Zealand in order to recognize how customers use it. The company also plans on extending its $5 roaming plan in new countries.”We want to see how the traffic grows, this is the first pilot for us,” Chee said.

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