Card Climber Top Casino Game

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Climb your way to the top and take your winning potential to the next level on Card Climber which is a unique online casino card game. This entertaining, engaging and addictive multi-level interactive Flash game tests the player’s predictive skills in a bid to reach the final gaming level and claim a major jackpot prize.

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Card Climber is developed by Microgaming, the world’s leading casino software developer. The game is developed with super visuals and crisp sound effects that bring this casino game alive.

Card Climber: How to Play

Card Climbers is played with 25 cards drawn out from a standard deck and ordered into rows of five. Only the 5th row and part of the 4th row is made visible to the player.

The aim of the game is to predict whether the next card in that row’s sequence will be a higher or a lower card, which the player indicates by clicking on the “Higher” or “Lower” buttons on the screen. If the player correctly predicts all the cards for a row, they may either collect their win for that level or advance to the next level, all the way to the 5th row.

Aces are high, and receiving a repeat of the same card will result in a loss. The prize for completing the 5th level is advancing to a “prize winning” level, where players get to select one golden card out of a possible 10. Each golden card represents a certain jackpot’s win. However, whichever golden card you select, you are sure to walk away with a lucrative prize.

Play Card Climber

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