The Crypt Crusade Board Game

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If you are looking for one of the easiest way to win impressive payouts, then we recommend you give Crypt Crusade a try! Go on an adventure and explore across the board and claim some awesome prizes along the way. Make it to the centre and claim the ultimate treasure!

Powered with MicrogamingTM, players can expect to find some adorable graphics, smooth animations, and funky sound effects. You are guaranteed a seamless gameplay experience that will keep you entertained for hours!

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How to Play

Crypt Crusade is a rather lucrative and easy to play board game, that appeals to all skill level players. The aim of the game is for players to navigate their way across the board using the compass. Land on the Multiplier icon and collect incredible rewards. However, be sure to watch out for the dangers that lurk across the board!

Other game details to be aware of include:

  • There are a range of Multipliers up for grabs, these range between x2 and x25000.
  • There are traps set up at random all across the board. Land on any of these and you will instantly lose the game and will have to start over.
  • The more Multipliers you land on the higher your payouts will be.
  • Reach the end of the journey and claim a whopping 25000x jackpot!

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Crypt Crusades Gold

Crypt Crusades Gold takes online casino board games to a whole new level. This sequel sees players being presented with even more winning opportunities than in the original version. The rewards are bigger and the journey is even more incredible!

Also developed with MicrogamingTM technology, the game offers a fantastic medieval theme with flawless visuals, vibrant music, and all-round entertainment.

How to Play

The objective of the game is to make it all around the board collecting the prizes along the way and avoiding the hazards that lurk. Spin the compass and move accordingly. There are several opportunities for you to land on:

  • A continue space will allow you to spin the compass and keep moving.
  • A jump space will instantly take you one step closer to the jackpot.
  • The Golden Compass space will take you all the way to the jackpot- instantly!

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Embark on this unforgettable adventure through the ancient depths of the crypt. Watch out for the lurking traps and claim the treasures along the way.

Crypt Crusades Gold is a simple to play board game that appeals to all players. Claim the incredible prizes along the way and make it to the end to claim the ultimate jackpot!

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