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Max Damage takes online gambling to a new level with this arcade-style of game. Max Damage at CA Online Casinos in conjunction with Microgaming combines arcade-style gaming with spectacular graphics, sound effects, and lucrative rewards! This was the first arcade-style game to be introduced by Microgaming. It was certainly a bold move that changed the way individuals viewed arcade games and added more variety to online casinos.

Max Damage Video Poker

Arcade Gaming Online: How to Play

Max Damage and the Alien Attack puts players in the driver’s seat of a spaceship that shoots the alien ships who are trying to attack.

As players progress to the next level, the enemy alien ships will fly either closer to the player’s ship or in formation. The alien ships may shoot at or collide with the player’s ship. To complete a level, players are required to shoot all the aliens. All the destroyed alien ships will reward players with random win values.

Each level rewards players with specific freebies. These freebies are regarded as a free play round which requires players to kill a level boss. These bosses will reward players with higher rewards than the enemy alien ships.


  • Players are given up to 6 lives per game play.
  • Players are rewarded with Health Boosters and Shields. These will help protect the players ship.
  • Players can also receive different weapon upgrades and ammunition throughout the game.

Play Max Damage and the Alien Attack

Play Max Damage and the Alien Attack for a different kind of casino experience! Your childhood days spent at the arcade might finally pay off, only this time with some real money rewards.