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Classic Blackjack is the quintessential casino game. It is a game that provided endless entertainment to players for decades. Classic Blackjack combines the convenience and modernity of online casino games.

Powered by MicrogamingTM, Classic Blackjack comes with specular graphics and sound effects that will make you feel as though you are in your favourite land based casino!

Classic Blackjack: How to Play

Classic Blackjack is played with one standard deck of cards as it is a single-hand card game. The house edge in classic blackjack is much lower, which provides players more chance of winning. The aim for players is the same as any other Blackjack variant- to beat the dealer and obtain a hand total equal to or less than 21.

The deck of cards is shuffled at the end of each hand, and bets are placed within one of the five betting places on the blackjack table. One a single bet can be placed per round, with only one hand. Classic Blackjack follows standard Blackjack rules, with only a few differences. For example, no re-splits allowed, the Dealer is required to stand on all 17’s and hit 16; and a player can Double Down on 9, 10 or 11.

In this variation of the game, there is no “peeking” permitted by the Dealer which means that the Dealer will not check for Blackjack under the hole card!

Play Classic Blackjack at Any Top Online Casino

Classic Blackjack combines skill with strategy, which is part of the reason why it is such a popular choice amongst the high rollers.